So part of why I’ve dropped off the blogging map is due to the vast majority of my brain being swallowed by the all-consuming endeavor known as homeschooling, part of it is due to Facebook making it easier to post one line synopses of what is going on at any given second (and really who doesn’t want to read another status update that says, “Oh no! Henry just spilled cereal on the carpet” or similar?), and part of it is because I’ve started working on long-form writing projects.

For half a dozen years+, I wrote the opening to Gymboree News every week and I have always been pretty good at short form writing (which I define as “whatever is small enough that I can just wing it as I write without having to organize around a coherent plot”). However, ever since I’ve known George he has wanted to make movies. Small problem, he’s not much of a writer of any ilk, which means his film masterpiece would need to be written by someone else.

Confession: I’ve thought for several years that writing for him would be lovely, but oh the work involved in a) learning how to do so, and b) actually doing so! The last couple years I have slowly been working through the learning part. There are tons of good books out there, and I can now pretty well pick a movie apart for story structure, movie theme and how well the film exposits that theme, what made the movie work/not work, what each scene is doing in the film and how it contributes to character development/plot, and a few other important items.

I have four stories that I liked well enough to start working on in my script software, Movie Outline 3, one of which is actually all the way outlined and maybe 1/3 the way through the first draft but is probably too girly for George, one of which I got stuck on and am going to need to chew on for awhile before heading back to it, one of which I like very much and which, hmmmm, now that I think about it might be able to be combined a little bit or merged into #4 which George actually came up with the inspiration for and is the one I am currently actively working on.

Don’t get all excited. You will not see any of these in the theater next summer. I’m starting to realize that perhaps what everyone says is true, that the hardest part about getting a script done is getting the stupid script done!! It’s just slogging through all the work and revision and throwing things out and rewriting until it all actually works. This takes large chunks of time which can be committed to linear thought. This is something of which I am chronically in short supply. Plus, when this type of time block is available, I typically need to do things with it such as plan my education attack on my children (bwahahahaha!). Stupid priorities.

Anyway, this all means that unless I get an all expenses paid trip for a month or two by myself for maybe with either George or my SIL Masha, who is also writing and extremely helpful for bouncing ideas around with, to somewhere far away and which also includes a replacement me being provided at home to take care of all the practical things I do every day, this screenwriting process is likely to be lengthy.

So, in addition to explaining to my three readers my very tedious screenplay endeavors, I know several others of you, particularly at church, are working on your own projects. To be helpful, which I have decided to try to be on a once-a-month, trial basis, I am going to start blogging about my screenplay stuff when I need an excuse to procrastinate actually working on my screenplay stuff or when I get stuck and need to write about why I’m stuck so I can figure it out. Also, I will be posting links to other sites, programs, books, software, etc. on a sparkly new, custom Screenplay menu on the sidebar which so far consists of two links and this post.

Here is the real reason for this post, which I originally intended to be two sentences long: George got me hooked on a brilliant site by a couple of established screenwriters, and it has a whole series of very informative articles. It’s called WordPlayer, a title which makes me jealous just by its very existence. Enjoy!



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