House Update!

House Update!

So for those of you who we haven’t talked to in the last week or who weren’t at Parish on Sunday, last Friday George and I put an offer on a house. This particular house is pretty much the only one George has been truly excited about, and he’s been drooling since he ran across it last July. We both love it. It’s an old 8 acre farmhouse in O.C., five minutes from church, three minutes off the freeway with a separate apartment that is currently rented.

We spent several months squaring away finances the way the bank likes it hoping we could qualify for this house and then as soon as we did, it went pending. This was maybe six weeks ago.

On Friday George called the listing agent who said that the deal had just fallen through and they were accepting offers again, so immediately we put in an offer. It was significantly lower than they were asking, but the same price as they had had it listed for a few months ago.

We just found out today that the sellers have accepted our offer. This house is a short sale though, so the sellers are only the first hurdle out of like twenty-five. Also, the previous deal fell through for some reason relating to the sellers and the short sale as opposed to the buyers. We’re not sure what happened there, but that’s not really super encouraging and the last house we had an accepted offer on fell through when their bank decided they weren’t going to allow a short sale at all so the sellers not only couldn’t sell to us, they couldn’t sell to anyone.

This house is pretty much our family dream. On top of that, with the rental, the monthly payment (depending on the bank’s counter and etc. etc.) is well within our price range. However, because it is a short sale and we have no idea what the bank is going to come back with for a counter if they come back with anything at all, I would say that statistically it is still a long shot. That said, I don’t think of God as someone overly concerned with statistics unless it’s to point out that the greater the odds against something, the more glory to Him when He makes it come to pass. Our God has very long arms as He likes to point out.

We would very much appreciate your prayers for the next couple of months (closing date is theoretically 5/31) as we go through this terrifying yet exciting serpentine process with the bank. Pray for the banks involved with approving the short sale (I think there are two), the appraisers, the inspectors, the sellers, the whole entire affair, and please pray for us during this time.

We’re trying not to be absurdly excited since this is the one that we want so badly and are more or less failing miserably. Thank you all so much.


George and Rachel

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  1. Rachel (and George and the whole family) — what terrific and scary news. Isn’t it interesting how something can be wonderful and a bit scary at the same time.

    I know God will have his hand on your family — and if it be His will, the house will be yours. I will keep you in my prayers, regarding this, and as always, that God bless your family and pull you under His “wings” as a hen pulls-in and protects her chicks. Love you — Ts. Vetta

  2. So exciting! I can’t wait to get there, though I’m sure it will be super scary and stressful when we do! Do you mind sharing which one you’re looking at? I’ll definitely be keeping you guys in my prayers.

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